Marco Cassani (b. Milan, Italy) is a conceptual artist, originally trained as a painter at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Italy. Since 2008 he lives and works in Bali, Indonesia, where he maintains his studio and developed an art program called Kayu-Lucie Fontaine, Bali. Cassani’s artistic activity is not restricted to a studio practice but also includes endeavors such as curating, producing and facilitating art exhibitions. Through his practice, Cassani calls certain emblems and social codes into question, particularly those linked to political and social power, using art as a ‘catalyst’ to create a new understanding towards the construction of value. His last solo show has been presented 2022 at AJX section of Art Jakarta, presented by bibit, for which a Video-interview has been produced. He has also recently exhibited at Honold Fine Art in Bali, Studio Kalahan in Yogyakarta, Lucie Fontaine space in Milan; Lucie Fontaine’s satellite in Tokyo; Galeri Semarang in Semarang; OFCA International in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; NOME gallery in Berlin, Germany, ArtStage in Singapore and V-Room in Bali. 2019 he was invited for an artist residency and as a guest lecturer at Melbourne University in Australia. He is currently invited as artist in residence at Cittadellarte by Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy.

/Family Matters

/Wishing Globe

/TI AMO (fountain)

/Inseparable Two (Loro Blonyo)

/In God We Trust









/Les Demoiselles d'Orient