Encounters In LapindoLand

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

/Encounters in LapindoLand
/Part of the White Mud Babes Exhibition /December 17th – 31st, 2011 /Semarang Gallery /Indonesia /

This installation is part of White Mud Babes exhibition by Marco Cassani in Semarang Gallery, Indonesia, in December 2011. It consist of two projections, one is projected on a tilted surface n the floor and another in projected on a surface on the wall. The duration of the video is 8:56 minutes.
… “In the observation of Cassani mudflow and fragile female bodies interrelate since both occupy a body-with- out-organs. The pictures of women in Cassani‚Äôs painting have im- mediate connection with what the earth and life contain. Cassani is aware of the relationship between the female bodies in his paintings and those in the works of the Japanese photographer Neboyushi Araki that present fragility and painfulness brought by a mascu- line culture but at the same time give the impression of strength, toughness. Cassani finds such paradox also prevails with regard to women in Indonesia. He knows some young Indonesian women that are personally strong and tough. The mud- flow and those women form a unity merging various social issues and problems such as corruption, religion, and politics. Therefore the land or country (earth) and Indonesian social life feel highly dynamic and contra- dictory marked by ever-active tugs of war. Interestingly traditional elders or spiritualists in Indonesia are often heard as connecting natural phenomena with social disturbances. … ” – Rifky Effendy, Curator of the White Mud Babes exhibition

/Artist: Marco Cassani
/Art Director: Marco Cassani
/Production: Racoon Studio
/Graphic Designer: David Hartono, Eva Natasa
/Actors: Davide Palla, Paola Tintinelli
/Voice: Alberto Astori
/Music: Aaron Carloccia, The Advisory Circle, Soap&Skin
/Produced by Pak D

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